Velo Fanatico Bicycling Club

Logo, Apparel Design, Banners, Video Promotion

Velo Fanatico is a cycling club organized solely for an annual fundraising cycling event for the Livestrong Foundation–cycling for the fight against cancer. Each team member elects to ride between 40-100 miles on the day and the club has been successful in raising over $20K. I love to share my time and talents for causes like this, so I jumped at the chance to help. Along with conceiving the name and brand identity, I designed cycling jerseys for the event. The logo was also applied to banners and t-shirts.

“Velo” means bicycle in French and “Fanatico” is fanatic in Italian. Both countries are known for their prowess in the sport. The “V” and the “F” are designed to resemble the seat, frame and handlebars of a bicycle. Four links of a bicycle chain form a smile to underline the mark.

Cycling jersey design