Print Advertising

Concept, Design and Copywriting

City of Coppell Economic Development

I teamed up with the City of Coppell’s Economic Development Department to create an advertising campaign to attract businesses to choose this city. These full page ads run in regional and statewide B2B publications. Although the copy briefly illustrates all the fine attributes the city possesses, the key point was location—their proximity to one of the largest airport hubs in the U.S. and the benefit it brings to a business. Headlines:

  • Watch Your Business Take Off. Land in Coppell.
  • Doorway to Runway in No Time Flat. Make Time in Coppell.
  • Picking the Ideal Location Yields a Fruitful Future.

McNeil House Apartment Homes

As part of the development team I had the opportunity to create an announcement that highlights the groundbreaking of McNeil House Apartment Homes in Austin, Texas. Aimed at businesses and investors in the multi-family industry, the announcement doubled as a fictitious family letter written in the 1890s to recreate a historical vision about home, family and place. The property’s clubhouse design was intended to resemble the old family’s farmhouse, reinforcing the story.

Each envelope was tea-stained and wrinkled to appear old. The stamp was recreated with a blind emboss, two passes of white and then green ink and a screen of black for the drop shadow. No real stamp here.

Zenzero Bakery & Café

Zenzero Bakery & Café is not just your “typical” lunch place or coffee shop. My challenge was to create messaging with headlines and copywriting that differentiates Zenzero from the “chain” offerings around town, challenging lunchers and coffee drinkers to think differently and leave the usual for a unique experience. Headlines:

  • Escape Your Daily Grind.
  • Change Your Pace. Break Away From the Ordinary.
  • Think Lunch Outside the Box.
  • Take the Fresh Approach.

AIA Insurance Agency

This full-page B2B magazine advertisement and “leave behind” flyer for AIA Insurance Agency (AIA) focuses on their main audience, water utilities. My challenge was to appeal to this audience in a convincing way that separated them from AIA’s competitors. In collaboration with the client, the premise “we deliver so you can deliver” was the perfect idea to clearly communicate their experience and reputation in all facets of the water utility industry. AIA can become a vital partner in their business while the water utilities can concentrate on providing a vital resource to their customers.