Delaney Vineyards

Brand Identity, Art Direction and Copywriting

Delaney Vineyards is a wine producer in Lamesa, Texas with a small vineyard and events venue in Grapevine, Texas. I worked closely with the Delaney family to create an elegant and sophisticated identity to represent the quality of their product. It also had to be distinct enough to fit into the existing die-cut of the neck label. The result was a custom-drawn letter “D” inspired by the thread-like tendrils on grape vines. Tendrils coil around trellises to support the canopy and allow it to climb upwards toward the sun–so important for the production of the perfect grape. Collaborating with an illustrator and printer, I also directed the production of seven wine labels (front and back), selecting appropriate typefaces and writing varietal taste descriptions and food pairing suggestions.

Letterhead Logo Delaney Vineyards
wine label design
Delaney Vineyards Back Label