City of Coppell

Branding a Community

The City of Coppell recognized the importance of developing a brand identity to help attract residents and bolster business. Through City input, community involvement and research I designed a logo that symbolizes aspects of Coppell’s heritage. In addition, a graphic standards manual was produced to give the city direction for implementing the logo on multiple applications. To help visitors and residents navigate the growing City of Coppell, I worked closely with city officials to develop diagrams, designs and an implementation strategy for a comprehensive vehicular directional sign system that complements the brand identity.

History with Symmetry

The logo builds on Coppell’s rich history. Intended to look and feel as if it were created in the late 19th-century, each element balanced with one another, tells a story of some important aspects of the City’s heritage.

Extending the Brand

Like any printed marketing collateral, a paper system becomes an extension of the City’s identity program in a personal, direct and tangible way.

Guidelines Ensure Consistency

The City of Coppell’s corporate identity is a valuable and fundamental asset and guidelines for its usage will ensure its integrity as a strong representation of the City’s character.

More Than Just Signage

By using a common look and consistent design, wayfinding defines boundaries, unifies the city and creates a unique sense of place.

Strong Identity Builds Morale

Having a strong, likeable, and consistent brand identity is like turning the logo into a flag employees can rally around. Employees who identify with the image feel proud, satisfied and have a sense of belonging to a team.